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The Yokohama YK-HTX is a touring all season tire manufactured for SUV and light truck vehicles. Yokohama offers a 50-70,000 mile tread wear warranty. This tire offers excellent all weather traction and resists hydroplaning in deeper water. The longer lasting tread life is the result of the continuous even wear across the tread area. The lower rolling resistance reduces the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the vehicle, making the tire more fuel efficient. The model is effortless to handle, allowing the driver to confidently control the vehicle. The YK-HTX offers a quiet drive by decreasing the road noise levels.

  • All Season Tire

    The multi-sipe blocks and the triple 3D sipes provide excellent year round traction, including in winter weather.

  • Hydroplaning Resistance

    The circumferential tread grooves increase the tire’s water dispersing ability, effectively resisting hydroplaning.

  • Longer Lasting Tread

    The optimized road contact area, the 3D sipes and the tire compound together help extend the tire tread life.

  • Fuel Efficient

    The special orange oil compound lowers the rolling resistance, reducing the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

  • Handling

    The optimized sidewall construction and the adaptive shoulder blocks make the tire’s handling effortless in all weather conditions.

  • Quiet Drive

    The adaptive shoulder tread blocks form a continuous shoulder rib that lower the road noise heard in the cabin of the vehicle.

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