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The Yokohama DB Decibel E70B is a performance, summer tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. The tread design and the summer compound upgrade the dry and wet traction and the hydroplaning resistance. The close road contact decreases the road vibrations felt in the vehicle’s cabin, while the ideal tread design lowers the road noise levels heard by the passengers while the tires are in motion. The constant surface contact also manages to boost the overall controllability and maneuvering. The DB Decibel E70B increases the high speed durability with the heat resistant performing capability.

  • Summer Tire

    The optimized tread design and the summer compound improve the dry and wet weather road gripping ability.

  • Hydroplaning

    The circumferential grooves channel water from the footprint, actively avoiding hydroplaning in wet weather conditions.

  • Quiet Tire

    The optimized tread’s variable phase shift negates the soundwaves, greatly lowering the road noise heard by the passengers.

  • Comfortable Drive

    The close road contact enables the tire to absorb the shock of driving, minimizing the road vibrations felt during the drive.

  • Handling

    The asymmetric tread’s continuous center rib optimizes the surface contact and upgrades the steering and driving durability.

  • Performance

    The optimal compound and stronger structure enhance the high speed performing ability, offering a safer drive.

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