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Radar is a tire manufacturing brand which deals with the manufacture of passenger vehicle and light trucks tires. The company was established in 2006 as the flagship brand of Omni United, a Singapore-based tire manufacturing brand. The tire line-up consists of a vast and varied range of versatile models designed for all season performance, with different applications and vehicle types, where all drivers are sure to find the tires most suited for their needs.

Radar Tires utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, equipment and material to ensure exceptional quality products are made for the tire market. The brand’s tire models are designed by an in-house team in Singapore, offering universal fitments. As a result, drivers around the world will be able to find the correct fit for their vehicles, which correspond with the driving style and requirements. Owners of Radar tires can rest assured, knowing that they were designed and made with top-class engineering and manufacturing methods.

To top it all off, Radar Tires are manufactured with highest regulatory certifications and utilize PAH-free oils to comply with strict European environmental standards. This combination ensures the reliability of Radar as a brand on the world-wide tire market. Furthermore, Radar Tires is also socially responsible. They have been carbon neutral since 2013 and have supported the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) since 2011.

Popular Touring Models: Dimax AS 8
Popular High Performance Models: RPX900, RCX8, Verenti R6
Popular All Terrain Models: Renegade A/T Pro, Renegade A/T, Renegade A/T5, RLT-8
Popular Highway Models: Argonite RV-4S, Renegate H/T