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Michelin’s Defender XT is a touring, all season tire for passenger cars and SUVs. Michelin offers a 90,000 mile treadwear warranty. The Defender XT makes the driving experience simple and secure with its improved wet traction and shorter braking distance. The driving force on this tire model is evenly dispersed by the contact area of the tread, giving it a solid grip on the road. The possibility of the tire’s tread wearing unevenly is reduced and the rolling resistance is lowered as well, making the tire more economic and fuel efficient.

  • All Weather Driving

    All Season tread pattern provides good, year-round grip in both wet and dry conditions and in light snow.

  • Longer Tread Life

    MaxTouch Constitution distributes the driving force equally, which relieves pressure on the tire, resulting in longer lasting tread.

  • Quiet and Smooth Ride

    The road vibrations and noise are reduced by the Comfort Control Technology while driving, making the experience better.

  • Better Fuel Economy

    The rolling resistance is reduced while driving by the Green X Technology, which lowers the fuel usage per mile.

  • More Control and Stability

    The Wide Groove Design offers a better grip on the road for a safer driving experience on all road surfaces.

  • Even Tread Wear

    Due to the evenly distributed driving force across the tire, its tread wears out more evenly than before.

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