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The Hankook Dynapro AT RF08 is an all terrain, all season tire manufactured for SUVs and light trucks. The SUV sizes comes with a 50,000 mile warranty. The tread design’s optimized elements improve the all terrain and all weather traction and promote a safer driving experience. The tread maintains a clean footprint by eliminating snow and mud and ejecting rocks stuck between the tread elements. The model’s optimal road and terrain surface contact upgrade the controllability and braking capability. The Dynapro AT RF08 promotes a lengthened tread life by promoting a slower even tread wear rate.

  • All Terrain Tire

    The tread design enables the tire’s on- and off-road performance by offering good grip on various terrain surfaces.

  • All Season Tire

    The detailed pattern improves the tire’s all weather traction and its hydroplaning resistance during on-road driving.

  • Self-cleaning Tread

    The staggered tread blocks and wide grooves keep the footprint clean of mud, snow and rocks at all times.

  • Longer Tread Life

    The stabilized tread elements and durable compound increase the length of the tread life and the tire’s usability.

  • Handling

    The continuous tread elements increase the steering responsiveness and the driving stability on all terrain surfaces.

  • Braking Ability

    The detailed tread pattern enhances the braking ability as it creates friction to shorten the braking distance significantly.

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