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The Greenball Tow-Master ST Bias S368-380E is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for trailers. This model cannot be mounted on light trucks. The tire’s ribbed tread design optimizes the tire’s surface contact, which upgrades the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. The reinforced bias construction enhances the load and driving durability and offers a smooth drive by optimizing the tire’s ideal shape. The Tow-Master ST Bias S368-380E enhances the tread life by preventing irregular and premature tread wear formations across the tread area.

  • Durability

    The bias internal structure maintains the optimal tire shape and improves the durability, while promoting a smooth performance.

  • Handling

    The tread maintains the tire’s surface contact at all times, boosting the driving stability and the steering responsiveness.

  • Longer Tread Life

    The bias constriction and symmetric ribbed pattern increase the tread life by promoting a slower and even wear.

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