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The General Grabber AT is an all season all terrain light truck tire. This model has excellent all weather traction, and the wide grooves in its tread pattern actively help avoid hydroplaning by eliminating water from beneath the tire’s footprint. The reduced weight of the tire makes it more economic as it uses less fuel per mile. This model is resistant to unexpected damages, such as chipping and tears. The Grabber AT offers a long tread life and precise steering response both on and off-road thanks to the tire’s special compound.

  • All Terrain Tire

    The tire will handle any surface both on- and off-road and has excellent all weather traction for all kinds of conditions.

  • Fuel-Efficient

    The tires reduced weight allowed the manufacturer to also lower the rolling resistance, making the tire more fuel-efficient.

  • Damage Resistant

    The special all terrain tire compound makes it resistant to accidental damage, like chipping or tears, on the tread and sidewalls.

  • Easy Handling

    The tire’s compound sticks to the road well, which enables a more precise steering responsiveness and makes the tire easier to control.

  • Resistance to Hydroplaning

    The tire efficiently avoids dangerous hydroplaning situations thanks to the wide grooves in the tread pattern that disperse the water.

  • Long Tread Life

    Due to the even distribution of the driving force the tire’s wear is even, which makes the tread life last longer.

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    General Grabber AT 235/55R19 105H XL A/T All Terrain Tire 2016

    General Grabber AT

    All Season Tires 235/55R19105H Tire Specifications
    Load /Speed:105H
    Load Range:XL
    Run Flat:No
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