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The Firestone Winterforce UV is a winter tire manufactured for SUV and light truck vehicles. This model is made to withstand the harshest winter weather and it is branded with the three mountain peak and snowflake symbol. The tire’s tread pattern sports 3D high density sipes which improve its grip on ice and in snow. It is also studdable, as 12 studs can be added to the tire’s shoulder. The aggressive directional tread pattern improves its dry and wet weather performance. The internal structure of the Winterforce UV enhances its durability and makes it puncture resistant.

  • Winter Tire

    The tire was manufactured to withstand and perform in the most severe winter conditions and has excellent snow road grip.

  • Studdable

    The tire’s winter grip can be enhanced with 12 studs, that will grip snow- and ice-covered roads well.

  • Durability

    The reinforced twin steel belt internal structure improves the tire’s durability and makes the tire stronger.

  • Performance

    The tire’s wet and dry weather performance is boosted with the directional tread pattern design.

  • Extra Grip

    The 3D high density sipes in the tread pattern design improve the gripping ability of the tire in snow and on ice.

  • Puncture Resistance

    The internal structure of the model makes it resistant to accidental punctures and other damages.

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