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The Firestone Turf & Field is an all season tire manufactured for garden tractors. The tire promotes excellent traction on various turf surfaces. The S-shaped tread elements upgrade the model’s high flotation capability which ensures the soft traction. In this manner, the tire does not damage the turf and grass field during its performance. The Turf & Field improves the tire’s controllability as the optimal surface contact improves the driver’s influence over the vehicle.

  • Turf Friendly

    The tread elements do not damage the turf and grass field as the high flotation traction optimizes the surface contact.

  • Traction

    The ideal tread pattern with the S-shaped tread blocks improve the soft traction and ensures high flotation.

  • Handling

    The special flat footprint keeps the tire’s contact with the turf surface and improves its controllability.

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