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The Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500 is a performance and high performance, summer tire manufactured for passenger vehicles and SUVs. The tire offers excellent summer weather traction with the high grip tire compound, while the wide grooves and the 3D block design prevent hydroplaning situations. The tread pattern’s shoulder tread blocks improve the cornering ability and the center tread design enhances the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. The excellent gripping ability improves the tread life by ensuring even tread wear. The Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500 provides exceptional high speed performance with the reinforced internal structure.

  • Summer Tire

    The special high grip tire compound boosts the dry and wet weather road gripping ability, ensuring excellent driving safety.

  • Hydroplaning

    The circumferential grooves and the unique 3D blocks enhance the water dispersing ability and with it the hydroplaning resistance.

  • Cornering Ability

    The larger shoulder tread blocks promote additional biting edges to improve the cornering and maneuvering ability.

  • Handling

    The tread pattern’s center area maintains road contact which increases the steering responsiveness and the driving stability.

  • Longer Tread Wear

    The high grip tire compound evenly distributes the driving pressure which avoids uneven wear patterns on the tread area.

  • Performance

    The tire’s internal structure is reinforced with twin steel belts that maintain the tire’s optimal shape under the driving pressure.

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