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The Firestone Champion Guide Grip 4 Rib Stubble Stomper is an all season tire manufactured for tractors. The durable rubber compound prevents crop stubble damage and protects the tire against erosion. The tread design’s optimal pattern enhances the surface contact, which boosts the steering responsiveness and the driving stability throughout the tire’s performance. This tread also enhances the off-road, field traction and it improves the tire’s flotation to ensure its forward motion and to minimize field retention. The Champion Guide Grip 4 Rib Stubble Stomper keeps a clean footprint and prevents stone retention during the drive.

  • Damage Resistance

    The special compound materials reinforce the tire against crop stubble damage and tire erosion during its performance.

  • Self-cleaning Tread

    The ribbed pattern with the wide grooves keeps the footprint clean of mud and snow and it avoids stone retention.

  • High Flotation

    The four-rib tread pattern improves the tire’s field and road traction, while also upgrading its high flotation ability.

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