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The Federal Ecovan ER01 is a highway terrain, summer tire manufactured for commercial vans and trucks. The special tread design and tire compound enhance the summer weather traction. The wide circumferential grooves effectively resist hydroplaning. The tire compound decreases the rolling resistance, making the vehicle more fuel efficient. The tread design evenly distributes the driving pressure and avoids irregular wear formations. The tread design manages to shorten the braking distance by increasing the road gripping ability. The Ecovan ER01 improves the steering responsiveness and driving stability by maintaining road contact.

  • Summer Tire

    The special compound and wave tread pattern enhances the dry and wet road gripping capability.

  • Hydroplaning

    The three wide circumferential grooves actively resist hydroplaning by eliminating water from the footprint.

  • Fuel Efficient

    The advanced tire compound lowers the rolling resistance and with it the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

  • Longer Tread Life

    The wave-shaped tread design avoids irregular tread wear by evenly distributing the driving pressure.

  • Braking Ability

    Extra deep grooves and continuous ribs improve braking ability and shorten braking distance on wet surfaces.

  • Handling

    The tread pattern’s constant road gripping ability upgrades the steering responsiveness and driving stability.

  • Federal Ecovan ER01 195R14C 106/104R D (8 Ply)

    Federal Ecovan ER01

    Summer Tires 195R14C106/104R Tire Specifications
    Load /Speed:106/104R
    Load Range:D (8 Ply)
    Run Flat:No
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    Per Tire
    Total for 4$398.72
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