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The Falken Espia EPZ is a winter tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. This tire has great winter weather traction and it grips the road well in colder temperature dry, wet and winter conditions. It will not perform well in summer as the heat will cause excessive tread wear. The model resist hydroplaning thanks to the tread design. The steering responsiveness and driving stability improve the performance of the vehicle by maintaining road contact. The tread life lasts longer, making the tire more cost-efficient. The Espia EPZ prevents weather damage, rubber bending and aging due to the anti-aging substance.

  • Winter Tire

    The tread rigidity, dual tread pattern and zigzag siping detail all increase the tire’s winter weather traction.

  • Hydroplaning Resistance

    The tread pattern’s circumferential grooves eliminate water from below the tire footprint, actively preventing hydroplaning.

  • Steering Responsiveness

    The shoulder edge wave sipe and the high tension carcass provide precise steering responsiveness.

  • Driving Stability

    The high tension carcass and the steel belt reinforcements maintain road contact and improve the driving stability.

  • Longer Tread Life

    The reinforced structure and the excellent tread rigidity prevent uneven wear and extend the tread life.

  • Reduced Aging

    The self-maintenance mechanism prevents the tire’s aging, weather damage and rubber bending to improve the performance.

  • Falken Espia EPZ

    Winter Tires 185/60R1584Q Tire Specifications
    Load /Speed:84Q
    Load Range:SL
    Run Flat:No
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