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The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 is a high performance summer tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. The tread design and summer tire compound improve the dry and wet traction. The tread grooves decrease possibility of hydroplaning. The tread’s constant road contact upgrades the steering and driving stability, while the lateral groves significantly shorten the braking distance. The reinforced Hybrid Kevlar internal structure maintains the tire’s optimal shape under the high speed driving pressure to ensure first-rate high speed performance. The SP Sport Maxx 050 guarantees a comfortable driving experience.

  • Summer Tire

    The asymmetric tread design and summer compound improve the dry and wet weather road gripping ability.

  • Hydroplaning

    The tread’s wide circumferential and angled lateral grooves resist hydroplaning by eliminating water.

  • Handling

    The high performance tread pattern improves the road contact and with it the tire’s high speed controllability.

  • Performance

    The Hybrid Kevlar Nylon Band maintains the optimal tire shape under the high speed driving pressure affecting the tire.

  • Braking Ability

    The angled lateral groove design shortens the braking distance by creating friction at the moment of braking.

  • Comfortable Tire

    The stronger internal structure enhances the tire’s road contact, lowering the vibrations and the impact noise.

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