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The Dunlop SP Sport 6060 is an ultra high performance summer tire manufactured for Passenger vehicles. This model has great traction and road grip in wet and dry situations, but it will not work well in winter conditions. The tire offers a comfortable and quiet drive, as the road noise is reduced by the tread pattern. Also due to the tread pattern, the tire has a better steering response time and improved cornering ability. The performance of the tire was not sacrificed for comfort, as it has exceptional stability at high speeds. Furthermore, the SP Sport 6060 is very fuel-efficient.

  • Quiet Ride

    The tire’s increased groove density and distribution reduce the road noise while driving and offer a more comfortable drive.

  • Performance

    The tire has increased comfort, stability and performance, even at higher speeds, due to the special silica-compound used in its manufacture.

  • Steering Response

    The tire has an increased steering responsiveness thanks to the stiffer tread blocks on the shoulder of the tire.

  • Better Cornering

    The tread blocks on the shoulder of the tire offer extra biting edges while cornering, making the tire safer.

  • Fuel-efficient

    The tire’s silica-based tread compound reduces the rolling resistance and with this lowers the tire’s fuel usage per mile.

  • Summer Tire

    While this model has excellent dry and wet traction, it is not recommended for use in winter weather.

  • SP Sport 6060

    Summer Tires 195/55R1585V Tire Specifications
    Load /Speed:85V
    Load Range:SL
    Run Flat:No
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