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The Doublestar T01 M/T is a mud terrain all season tire manufactured for light trucks. The tire promotes great all weather and mud terrain traction with the road grip of its tread elements. The upper sidewall design increases the tire’s durability against off-road damage which can harm the tire’s casing, while also improving its road gripping ability. The tread elements maintain a clean footprint constantly. The maintained road contact enhances the steering responsiveness and driving stability. The shoulder tread blocks improve the cornering and maneuvering ability. The T01 M/T ensures excellent durability by preventing deformation during the drive.

  • Mud Terrain Tire

    The tread design enhances the soft and loose terrain traction with its staggered tread block and open shoulder design.

  • Damage Resistance

    The upper sidewall design not only increases traction in deep mud, but it also resists off-road damage from harming the casing.

  • Self-cleaning Tread

    The tread pattern’s staggered blocks and open shoulders disperse mud and snow and eject rocks stuck between the elements.

  • Handling

    The tread design’s center rib boosts the steering responsiveness and driving stability with the center tread area’s road contact.

  • Durability

    The tire’s internal structure promotes great load and driving durability as it does not deform under the pressure affecting it.

  • Cornering Ability

    The shoulder tread block placement increases the number of biting edges that firmly grip the road surface.

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