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The Definity Dakota H/T is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for light trucks and SUVs.The model provides great all season traction especially in wet conditions. It is able to perform fast stops on wet turf at a low expense to tread life. Due to four circumferential grooves and lateral tread slots, traction in wet driving conditions is vastly improved. This tire provides a smooth and quiet ride while preserving standard cornering ability, thanks to its solid shoulder design. The tire provides supreme performance at higher speeds while maintaining an optimal fuel economy.

  • Comfortable Ride

    The tire boasts solid shoulder design which enables a smooth ride and long even tread wear.

  • All weather traction

    Four wide circumferential grooves and lateral tread slots enable excellent traction in wet conditions.

  • High-Speed performance

    The model provides Increased performance at higher speeds with standard fuel economy.

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