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The Carbon Series CS86 is a high performance, all season tire created for passenger vehicles. This model provides good road grip and remarkable traction in all weather conditons. The tread pattern resists hydroplaning by eliminating water and slush from under the tire footprint. The optimal tread design enhances the driving comfort levels by minimizing the road and tread pattern noise heard in the vehicle’s cabin. The CS86 has exceptional driving stability and it easy to handle even at higher speeds, thanks to the optimal tread design and its maximized road contact area.

  • • All Season Tire

    While this tire will not work well in winter, it has excellent wet and dry traction in all other weather conditions.

  • • Performance

    This ultra high performance tire is has exceptional stability and easy handling at high speeds while also providing safety.

  • • Quiet Tire

    The ideal tread design lowers the road and tread pattern noise heard while the tires are in motion in the vehicle’s cabin.

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