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The Bridgestone Turanza EL400-02 Ecopia is a touring, all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. The tread pattern enhances the all weather traction, while also helping to avoid hydroplaning. The Ecopia technology decreases the rolling resistance to improve the fuel efficiency of the drive. The model has a longer lasting tread life. The ideal tire shape offers improved balance at higher speeds, while the steel belt construction improves the driving durability. The reinforced construction makes the tire puncture resistant. The Turanza EL400-02 Ecopia is a quiet ride, as it cancels out the road noise heard during the drive.

  • Quiet Tire

    The tire’s 5 degree noise reduction system lowers the road noise, by cancelling out the sound waves created while driving.

  • Longer Tread

    The revolutionary tire design lowers the possibility of irregular tread wear, which extends the tire’s life.

  • Fuel-efficiency

    The Ecopia technology lowers the vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to promote a fuel efficient performance.

  • Better Balance

    The new tire shape of this model, with a rounder design, offers better balance in all weather and road conditions.

  • Resist Hydroplaning

    The tire’s new compound and tread pattern prevent hydroplaning situations and improve the tire’s wet traction.

  • Puncture Resistant

    The steel belt construction of the tire enhances its durability and its resistance to accidental punctures.

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