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The Bridgestone Ecopia R283A is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for commercial vehicles, made to be mounted on the steer axle. The detailed tread design of the flat footprint, the NanoPro-Tech polymer compound and the optimal sidewall construction work together to lower the tire’s rolling resistance and, with it, the vehicle’s fuel consumption. These tread and structural elements also help extend the tread life by ensuring even tread wear. The Ecopia R283A’s reinforced sidewall and tread area structure maintain the ideal tire shape under heavy load pressure.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    The tread design, the NanoPro-Tech compound and the construction lower the rolling resistance and the fuel consumption.

  • Longer Tread Life

    The detailed tread pattern of the flat footprint improves the length of the tread life by actively resisting irregular tread wear.

  • Durability

    The stronger internal structure with the full-length steel belts keeps the ideal tire shape, improving the load durability.

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