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The BFGoodrich Touring T/A is a touring, all season tire manufactured for SUVs and passenger vehicles. BFGoodrich offers a 60-75,000 mile treadwear warranty. This model has excellent traction in all weather conditions and it is rated M+S for both mud and snow traction. The anti-hydroplaning circumferential grooves in the tire’s tread pattern help resist dangerous conditions. A longer tread life is guaranteed as the tire wears evenly and the noise reducing system offers a quiet and smooth drive. The Touring T/A also offers additional strength and stability for maneuvering, which also enhances the steering responsiveness, making it easier to control.

  • All Season Tires

    The G-Grip technology makes the tire M+S rated, which means that it has excellent traction in all weather conditions.

  • Avoid Hydroplaning

    The tire’s anti-hydroplaning ability is enhanced by the circumferential grooves in its tread design.

  • Extra Strength

    The maximum road contact of the footprint, due to the ETEC system, enhances its performance at high speeds.

  • Longer Tread Life

    The non-directional tread pattern of the tire prevents irregular wear and makes the tire tread last longer.

  • Quiet Tire

    The noise reduction system of the tire offers a quieter and more comfortable drive.

  • Precise Steering

    The G-Wedge technology reinforces the sidewalls during cornering and other maneuvering.

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