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The BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2 is an ultra high performance summer tire for sport passenger vehicles. This tire model offers better wet and dry traction, shorter braking distance (due to the G-Control sidewall) and faster acceleration. The ETEC system improves the steering control and precision, while the extra biting edges on the tire offer a safer drive by gripping the road more firmly. This model is resistant to hydroplaning as the grooves in the tire disperse the water away from the center. The G-Force Sport Comp-2 provides a quiet drive free from road noise.

  • Maintain Control

    The ETEC system keeps more of the tread surface on the road to maintain enhanced control.

  • Noise Reduction

    The V-shift comfort provides a quiet and smooth ride by reducing the road noise.

  • Better Cornering

    The G-Control sidewall offers more precise control and grip during cornering in both wet and dry conditions.

  • Extra Biting Edges

    The sport tread design with the G-Hook provides additional biting edges to the tire making is safer.

  • Precise Steering

    The silica-fused Comp 2 compound allows for more precise steering control and better traction.

  • Resist Hydroplaning

    The shoulder and circumferential grooves in the tread pattern disperse the water and provide a safer drive.

  • g-Force Sport COMP-2

    Summer Tires 195/50R1582V Tire Specifications
    Load /Speed:82V
    Load Range:SL
    Run Flat:No
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