Zenna Argus-UHP Review

Zenna Argus-UHP Review

Aug 22nd 2019

Performance and high performance, all season tires used to be rare on the tire market. However, manufacturers have realized the demand for tires having both all season traction and high speed performing capabilities. Such tires are able to combine a secure year round performance with a stronger high speed driving ability.

The Zenna Argus-UHP is one such tire. We at Priority Tire offer a wide range of different sizes of this model for sale at the best prices possible. This exceptional model provides excellent all weather traction, high speed performance and controllability, a lengthened usability and lowered road noise levels.


All season tires dominate the tire market. Their ability to safely perform in various conditions ensures their performing capability and driving security at all times.

The Argus-UHP was designed with a symmetric ribbed pattern and molded from an all season tire compound that work together to enhance the dry, wet and winter weather road gripping ability. The tread elements, with the siping detail and lateral grooves, firmly grip the road throughout the year, while the compound keeps its flexibility in various weather. This combination ensures the year round driving safety.

The tread pattern’s optimal circumferential groove placement boosts the hydroplaning resistance. Hydroplaning happens when water or slush located on the road surface cuts off the tire’s contact with the road, causing the vehicle to skid. This is prevented as the groove detail of the Argus-UHP channels said water and slush away from the tire’s footprint, enabling them to keep a constant road contact. This significantly improves the model’s wet and winter weather performing capability.


A tire’s controllability determines its performing safety, as tires are the only link between the tire and the road surface. A better road surface contact, as a result, guarantees a secure performing capability in all weather.

The Argus-UHP features a three center rib pattern which closely follows the road surface at all times. This greatly improves the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. In other words, the steering becomes faster and more precise in its response to the driver’s commands, while the structure is stabilized against the driving pressure affecting it. The better control and road contact optimize the tire’s performance and enhance the high speed performing capability.

The tread pattern’s shoulder tread blocks upgrade the cornering and maneuvering capability. These tread elements enable the tire to increase the number of biting edges gripping the road surface throughout its performance. The better traction allows the tire to enhance the cornering ability and safety by constantly keeping the tire’s grip on the road surface.


A tire’s tread pattern is able to determine the tread wear rate successfully. An optimal tread pattern can significantly decrease the tread wear, which elongates the tire’s usability and tread life.

The Argus-UHP features a symmetric ribbed tread pattern that maintains the tire’s surface contact throughout the tire’s performance. The tread’s three center ribs and ideal shoulder blocks work together to keep the tire’s contact with the road surface, which enables them to equally spread out the driving pressure along the tire’s surface. The equally distributed forces of acceleration, cornering and braking actively avoids irregular tread wear formations across the tread area. In this manner, the tire is able to extend the usability and the tread life significantly.


Even high performance tires can offer excellent driving comfort levels throughout their drive. They utilize their tread design to prevent the formation of soundwaves while the tires are in motion, to guarantee a first-rate driving experience.

The Argus-UHP was designed with a special tread pattern and a noise-treated compound, which work together to upgrade the high speed driving comfort levels. The tread pattern’s special elements decrease the road and tread pattern noise heard while the tires are in motion. This pattern enables the tire to negate the sound waves generated with a special sound frequency. On the other hand, the optimal compound also helps lower the road noise levels heard during the drive. This enables a quiet and enjoyable performing capability throughout the year.

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