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Venom Power Swampthing Mud Terrain and All Terrain Tires

Offroad tires are often expensive. We need to reach deep into our pockets to have enough for a full set. But, are top-brand off-road truck tires actually worth it?

If you ask us, other brands should be given a chance. All terrain and mud terrain tires aren't just manufactured by premium brands. For this reason, let us introduce you to Venom Power tires!

Venom Power Is Your Go-To Manufacturer for High-Quality Off-Roading Tires

Venom Power deals with the production of aggressive tread tires, made for different terrain applications. They have multiple off-road tire product lineups, but we talk more about off-road Venom Power Tires in our previous blog.

Swampthing tires on a light truck

So, let's focus on the two models we have not yet mentioned in detail.

The Swamp Thing Venom tires are the newest product line from the brand. It currently consists of mud tires for trucks (the Swampthing M/T Xtreme Dirt) and all terrain truck tires (the Swampthing A/T Xtreme Dirt).

Big off-road tires at reasonable prices are hard to come by. Most budget tires will sacrifice performance to decrease costs and prices. Yet, Venom Power tires are not like that.

Their new mud tires, along with all terrain ones, still offer the necessary performance, traction, and durability to guarantee a secure off-road drive.

Absolute Domination With Swampthing Venom MT Tires

When it comes to aggressive mud tires, their construction is just as important as their tread pattern. Venom Power Tires has put all its effort into creating the best-looking mud tires that offer excellent durability as well.

The detailed dual sidewall lug pattern, the ideal tread block placement, and the reinforced internal structure greatly upgrade off-road traction. This combination ensures these mud grip tires are able to conquer various driving surfaces.

Swampthing M/T Tires Key Features

Venom Power Swampthing M/T Xtreme Dirt tire

  • Excellent mud terrain traction
  • Improved load durability
  • Deep mud performance made it easy

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Maximum Traction for the Wildest Terrains

The MT version of the Swamp Thing tires belongs to the cheap, aggressive mud tires category, which are able to conquer different terrains with ease. Deep mud and loose dirt will not cause issues either.

But, how is this achieved with extreme mud tires?

The Swampthing M/T Xtreme Dirt features an angled block placement across its footprint. These larger, staggered blocks, work with the high void ratio in order to increase the number of biting edges generated. As a result, the tire can easily grip soft, loose, and uneven terrains with ease.

Excellent traction also helps to increase the handling of mud grappler tires, as it ensures consistent surface contact. This results in better steering responsiveness and driving stability, which offers better controllability over light trucks.

Aggressive and Durable Sidewalls

The optimally designed and reinforced sidewalls ensure a secure performance. Aggressive mud tires for trucks need to be strengthened to ensure their off-road durability. By using Venom Power tires on truck applications, you can make sure your vehicle performs as it should.

Strengthening the sidewalls and their structure is the minimum the best budget mud tires need to offer. Let's see what exactly the Swampthing M/T Xtreme achieves with this.

Robust Biting Edges

When trucks are performing off-road, especially on slippery surfaces, they need tires that offer extra traction. Swampthing MT tires feature a dual-sidewall lug design. These sidewall lugs generate additional biting edges.

Side-way biting edges provide stronger traction, as they increase the tire's traction area. As a result, climbing out of deep mud or loose dirt becomes that much easier.

Made Tough With Rock Crawling in Mind

Hard off-road terrains can pose a challenge for unprepared vehicles. Rock climbing is not a feature all offroad tires offer. Yet, with these Venom Power tires, you won't get stuck.

The large tread blocks of the Swampthing MT tires allow the footprint to grip the driving surface, even when it consists of uneven, rocky terrains. The structural and handling durability makes sure these aggressive tires do not give out on you when you need them.

Sizes and Specs

As the Venom Power Swampthing M/T Xtreme Dirt is still a new product, there are not many sizes available for purchase. Still, Venom Tires' sizes include both 10 and 12-ply load durability along its lineup.

See below which tire sizes are available at Priority Tire:

Versatile Off-Road Driving With Swampthing Venom AT Tires

If you are looking for the best all terrain tire for the money, check out the Swampthing A/T Xtreme Dirt tires. This Venom Power all terrain tire offers great on- and off-road traction, ensuring excellent driving safety levels.

It features an optimized footprint similar to many good off-road tires. However, it still provides a unique flair that strengthens its performance. These aggressive AT truck tires guarantee damage resistance, further increasing driving safety levels.

Additionally, Venom Power offers a 55,000 mile treadwear warranty with specific sizes of the Swampthing A/T Xtreme Dirt. 22-inch sizes and smaller come with this warranty.

Swampthing A/T Tires Key Features

Venom Power Swampthing A/T Xtreme Dirt tire

  • Great all terrain traction
  • High on-road comfort levels
  • Optimized load and driving durability

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Enhanced Sidewall Biting Edges

Apart from its aggressive tread design, this AT tire also features a detailed dual-sidewall pattern. Extra biting edges are generated by these sidewall elements, optimizing the tire's consistent forward motion.

A higher number of biting edges help all terrain tires climb out of sticky situations. This actively guarantees their secure applications on various terrain surfaces.

Tough Construction for All Off-Road Conditions

Venom Power designed these all terrain tires with better durability. Their reinforced internal structure, which can be up to a 12-ply design, makes sure the tire does not deform. In this manner, the Swampthing A/T Xtreme Dirt tires upgrade their driving and load capacity.

Furthermore, the reinforced construction works with the optimal footprint to enhance controllability. Drivers must have good control over the vehicle during its on- and off-road performance. Good A/T tires help achieve this, and Venom Power's all terrain tires are no different.

Aggressive All Terrain Tire Tread Design

This all terrain tire sports an aggressive tread pattern. While its tread is not too deep, it makes up for it with its optimally placed tread blocks. These staggered tread elements provide additional biting edges that grip the driving surface, guaranteeing the Swampthing's consistent forward motion.

On-road comfort and exceptional off-road traction are ensured as a result. The ideal block pattern helps prevent sound wave formations during the tire's on-road applications. This makes sure road noise does not disturb the passengers' driving enjoyment.

On the other hand, these tread elements and the optimal high void ratio work together to upgrade traction. This allows the Swampthing A/T Xtreme Dirt to conquer soft, loose, and uneven terrains, as well as on-road driving surfaces.

Sizes and Specs

This Venom Power AT tire can be found in various sizes. However, at the moment, we have the following ones in stock at Priority Tire:

How Venom Power Compares to Other Off-Road Tire Brands?

It goes without saying - Venom Power is the rising star of off-road tires.

Venom Power is a budget-friendly tire brand, which is true even for their off-road tires. While they have not been on the U.S. tire market for long, they have already managed to make a name for themselves.

Comparing Venom Power to other brands can give you insight into the true potential of their models. All off-road Venom Power tires offer the traction and performance necessary for a safe drive, without sacrificing durability.

Venom Power manages to keep its prices low, as it saves on marketing costs, so don't let its lower price range fool you. These tires offer excellent driving safety.