TransEagle ST Radial Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Jan 24th 2022

TransEagle ST Radial Tire Review

TransEagle ST Radial Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Jan 24th 2022

Good trailer tires can be hard to come by. That is why it is important to grab a set when you find the perfect set for your trailer.

But, how do you know if the tire is for you or not? 

We as drivers need to assess our needs – basically what we expect from our vehicles and trailers. In that manner, we can know what to look for.

If your list for your trailer tire needs has durability, controllability, and tread life on it, you have come to the right please.

Meet the TransEagle ST Radial, a special trailer tire which offers all three.

Quick Review

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Highway terrain
  • Car Type: Trailer
  • Run Flat: NO
  • In Stock: Yes (Check Price)

Experience the TransEagle ST Radial

The TransEagle ST Radial is a highway terrain trailer tire, which was made for all season applications.

In other words, the tire promotes the necessary traction for all weather conditions. It also greatly improves the handling and maneuvering, while promoting the necessary load durability.

Let’s take a look at what exactly the TransEagle ST Radial has to offer.

Boosted Controllability

Controllability is of the utmost importance when it comes to trailer tires. Without their handling ability, they would not offer control over the trailer to the towing vehicle. The TransEagle ST Radial utilizes its flat footprint and symmetric tread design to ensure a constant surface contact.

The better road contact helps to enhance the steering responsiveness and driving stability. In other words, the tire offers a quick and precise steering response, while the structure is secured against the driving pressure. This results in the tire’s exceptional controllability, since the towing vehicle has full control over the trailer.

Longer Lasting Service Life 

The symmetric ribbed tread design with the closed shoulder pattern enables the tire’s surface contact. This footprint optimizes the surface contact at all times, upgrading the pressure circulation across the tread area. In other words, the tire effectively avoids pressure accumulation on one tread area, which avoids irregular wear formations.

On the other hand, the durable compound elements help to decrease the treadwear. The compound contains wear-resistant elements in itself, which significantly decreases the overall wear manner. This results in the TransEagle ST Radial’s lengthened usability.

All Season Traction

Better traction is guaranteed with the tread design and the all season compound. The rib-edge sipes and ribbed footprint ensure the tire’s grip on the road surface with extra biting edges. This optimizes the dry, wet, and winter weather traction.

The stronger compound also helps to boost the summer and winter weather performance, resulting in a secure driving experience. This ensures the tire’s exceptional year round traction, optimizing the forward motion in versatile temperatures.

The tire also features four circumferential grooves which disperse water and slush from the footprint. This affects the tire’s surface contact in wet weather conditions, as they won’t be able to block the surface contact during the performance. In this manner, the overall wet traction is further upgraded.

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Enhanced Load Capacity:

The TransEagle ST Radial features a full nylon and ply construction. This structure maintains the ideal tire shape under the load and driving pressure. As the tire does not deform under the load and driving pressure, it is able to greatly boost the load capacity.

In other words, this model guarantees its better load durability. It manages to effortlessly handle heavy loads throughout its performance, offering safer heavy-duty applications. This ensures the tire’s exceptional load handling ability.


  • Lengthened tread life
  • Upgraded controllability
  • Increased load capacity


  • Only for trailers, not for light trucks

Product Information

The TransEagle ST Radial is available in various sizes. Its sizes range from R13 to R16, with at least two sizes for each rim diameter.

These tires come with L and M speed rating. The speed rating represents the highest speed pressure the tire will be able to handle. L means it can go up to 75 mph, while M stands for 81 mph.

On the other hand, the tire is built for durability. It is available with C, D, E, F, G and H load ranges, with versatile load indexes. This combination makes sure each and every TransEagle ST Radial manufactured provides the needed load capacity.

These combinations ensure the tire’s exceptional performing capabilities. Apart from its all season traction, the tire is also able to improve the overall load durability, controllability, and it even offers a lengthened service life as well.

Is the TransEagle ST Radial the Right Tire for You?

The TransEagle ST Radial is a great choice if you are looking for heavy-duty applications.

As it is available in various sizes, the possibility of finding the correct size is easier. This allows drivers to locate better ST tires for their trailers. In other words, the TransEagle ST Radial offers excellent versatility.

Apart from their availability, this model provides great traction and handling throughout the year. This promotes better controllability and performance, resulting in a secure driving experience. Lastly, its heavy-duty application ensures its load capacity, which makes it perfect for load durability.

The combination of these elements ensures the tire’s superb performing safety, resulting in the trailer's secure driving experience. 

TransEagle ST Radial

  • Enhanced controllability
  • Exceptional load durability
  • Longer lasting tread life
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