Toyo Extensa A/S Tire Review

Jul 31st 2021

Toyo Extensa A/S Tire Review

Have you ever thought about checking out what Toyo has to offer?

No, well... Let us introduce you to the Toyo Extensa A/S II model! You will not regret reading this short review to get a better look at what this tire model has to offer.

From the wide tire size range, to its performing capabilities - including the mileage warranty, year round traction, comfort levels, etc. of the tire - the Toyo Extensa A/S II promotes excellent overall driving safety levels.

So, check out our review to get to know the Toyo Extensa A/S II and maybe take a peek at the sizes we are offering at Priority Tire once you are done.

Quick Review

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Touring
  • Car Type: Passenger cars and SUVs
  • Run Flat: NO
  • In Stock: Yes

Are Toyo Extensa A/S II Tires Good?

Yes, the Toyo Extensa A/S II tires offer a secure and durable performance for your passenger car or SUV. They are a reliable tire model with no problems, while also ensuring high driving comfort levels throughout the ride. This Toyo model comes with a tread warranty of 75,0000 miles and 65,000 miles as well.

Experience The Toyo Extensa A/S II

As a touring, all season tire, the Toyo Extensa A/S II promotes exceptional year round performance, while not neglecting the comfort levels either. In this tire review, we will take a closer look at why the Toyo Extensa A/S II is such a good choice.

So what does the Toyo Extensa A/S II offer once they are mounted on your vehicle?

To put it simply: all season traction, handling, quiet ride, and tread life.

These Toyo tires use their unidirectional tread design, with the center block arrangement and multi-wave sipes, and the silica-based compound in order to enhance the all weather traction. This combination ensures the tire's dry, wet, and winter weather traction.

The detailed tread elements allow the tire to increase the grip on the road surface with extra biting edges, even on wet and snow-covered surfaces. The compound's silica elements optimize the rubber flexibility in different weather conditions. As a result, the tire guarantees a secure all weather, wet traction, and performing power.

The tread design of the Toyo Extensa A/S II also features circumferential grooves. These tread elements work together to effectively avoid hydroplaning in wet weather conditions. In other words, the circumferential grooves disperse water and slush from the footprint, preventing them from blocking the surface contact in wet situations. In this manner, the hydroplaning is avoided and the tire's wet traction is increased.

The center block placement along the tread area also improves the tire's handling with the all weather traction. They help ensure a close and constant surface contact, which upgrades the steering responsiveness and the driving stability.

The tread design's tapers and the multi-wave sipes ensure the tread block stiffness at the moment of braking, which greatly decreases the overall braking distance. In other words, the driver has better control over the vehicle throughout its performance when Toyo Extensa A/S II tires are mounted on the car.

The variable pitch channels along the tire's footprint allow Toyo tires to ensure quiet performance and better ride comfort. The pitch variation along the tread area greatly lowers the road noise levels which reach the cabin of the car. The Toyo Extensa A/S II's variable pitch channels negate the sound waves with a sound-canceling frequency, that prevents road noise from reaching the passengers. As the noise levels are minimal, they cannot disturb the passengers' driving enjoyment, which ensures a quiet ride.

The Toyo Extensa A/S II also optimizes its tread wear. These Toyo tires come with a treadwear warranty of 65,000 miles for V speed rated sizes and a 75,000 mile warranty for H and T speed ratings. This is ensured with the silica compound and the multi-wave siping detail. The tire slows the tread wear rate down with the silica-based compound that eases the pressure off the footprint.

The siping detail stabilizes the tread area and prevents irregular wear formations. This results in the overall better tread life of the tire.

These Toyo tires are capable of high speed performance. They come with a T, H, and V speed rating. Tires with a T speed rating can go at a speed up to 118 mph, the H speed rated ones can handle 130 mph, while the V speed rated tire size withstands 149 mph.


  • Excellent all season traction
  • 65,000 mile treadwear warranty
  • A comfortable and quiet ride
  • Improved performance and handling


  • Not meant for severe snow season traction
  • Does not have a strong high performance durability

Product Information

The Toyo Extensa A/S II comes in a 14-18 rim diameter tire size, with T, H and V speed ratings. This wider range allows owners of passenger cars and SUVs to find the perfect fit.

This Toyo model is an all season tire, which provides excellent snow and wet traction. Additionally, the hydroplaning resistance manages to further upgrade the overall wet weather performing safety.

The optimal tread design and silica compound ensure even tread wear, which lengthens the tread life. This is the result of the tire's 65-75,000 mile warranty, which is offered by Toyo.

The tread design of the tire helps to ensure a quiet performance by greatly lowering the noise levels heard in the cabin of the vehicle. The optimized treadwear ensures high driving comfort levels throughout the tire's life span.

Controllability in snow and wet conditions is also not a problem. The constant road contact, even during the long mile drive, enables the tire to enhance its handling and braking capabilities. This guarantees overall driving security.

Is Toyo Extensa A/S II The Right Tire For You?

Whether the Toyo Extensa A/S II is a good tire for you or not depends on what you are expecting from it.

If you are looking for strong wet and snow traction, a lengthened usability, high comfort levels, and sharp handling, this tire might just be a good fit.

However, in the previously mentioned review section, we have mentioned the speed ratings of the tire. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable high speed drive, the H and V speed ratings might not cut it for you.

We would suggest the Toyo Extensa A/S II to drivers of touring vehicles, who drive for many miles on end and value their driving enjoyment. This Extensa tire will ensure your overall comfort range, without sacrificing the tire's traction and handling.

Additionally, the Toyo Extensa A/S II tires come with an astounding treadwear warranty. The 65,000 mile and 75,000 mile warranty offers a budget-friendly solution for your car. The longer usability lowers the need for frequent tire changes, which optimizes the vehicle's overall performing range as well.

So, if the above-mentioned features of the Toyo Extensa A/S II tires are to your liking, and you like the sound of this review, we would recommend checking out the sizes Toyo offers for this Extensa model.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are Toyo Extensa tires made?

Toyo Extensa tires are made in the company's Japanese and US factories. Both factories manufacture most Toyo tires with the established and state-of-the-art Toyo technologies. The tires' DOT code contains the factory codes, which show which specific factory the tires were made in.

Are Toyo Extensa tires noisy?

No, Toyo Extensa tires are not noisy. This is especially true for the Toyo Extensa A/S II, which utilizes a variable pitch pattern to negate the sound waves and lower the noise heard by the passengers. As a result, these tires guarantee exceptional comfort levels at all times.

Are Toyo Extensa tires directional?

No, Toyo Extensa tires are not directional. Tires belonging to this series can be mounted on both sides of the vehicle - the driver or passenger sides. Depending on the specific model, these tires feature a symmetric or asymmetric tread pattern, but overall they are not directional. 

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