Suntek HD Trail + Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Feb 7th 2022

Suntek HD Trail + Tire Review

Suntek HD Trail + Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Feb 7th 2022

Trailer or ST tires belong to a special category. This is due to their versatile performing requirements, which differs from that of light truck tires.

These tires are intended to be mounted on the free-rolling axle of trailers. Their primary function is making sure the trailer follows the towing vehicle in a stable manner, without deforming.

In other words, they have to offer good load durability, handling, and traction.

Sadly, some trailer tires are unable to provide this trinity of features. For this reason, finding the perfect set for your trailer can be challenging.

Still, our quest for good-quality trailer tires has led us all the way to Suntek’s HD Trail + model.

Let us show you why we believe this ST tire is the perfect choice for you.

Quick Review

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Highway terrain
  • Car Type: Trailer
  • Run Flat: NO
  • In Stock: Yes

Suntek HD Trail +

Suntek/Trailer Tires

HD Trail +

  • All weather traction
  • Enhanced controllability
  • Upgraded load durability


Experience the Suntek HD Trail +

The Suntek HD Trail + is an all season tire which was made for highway use. This is made strictly for trailers and it should never be used on light trucks.

But, how does the Suntek HD Trail + actually operate?

All Season Surface Traction

This model provides excellent all season traction. This is achieved with the detailed ribbed tread pattern and the durable all season compound which optimize the year round performing power.

The flat footprint’s ribs come with versatile rib-edge and zigzag sipes which provide additional biting edges to grip the road surface. Stronger compound elements help to maintain the rubber flexibility in different temperatures, enhancing the summer and winter weather performance.

Furthermore, the footprint features four wide circumferential grooves which increase the wet traction. They manage to disperse water and slush from the footprint, ensuring that they do not block the surface contact of the tire. In this manner, the tire is able to effectively combat hydroplaning in wet conditions.

The combination of these improvements guarantees the tire’s safer all season application.

Enhanced Handling and Maneuvering

The Suntek HD Trail + optimizes the towing vehicle’s control over the trailer. The flat and ribbed footprint closely follows the road surface at all times, boosting the handling and maneuvering.

The constant surface contact ensures the tire’s better steering responsiveness and cornering ability. The solid shoulder ribs and the detailed center ribs maintain the road contact at all times. This enhances the steering response to the towing vehicle’s commands, guaranteeing its control over the trailer throughout the performance. Additionally, the solid shoulder ribs also allow the tire to optimize the cornering and overall maneuvering capability as they ensure the necessary traction at all times.

Stabilizing the structure is also easy for this model. The stronger radial structure and the better surface contact ensure the structural stability at all times. Not only does this improve the handling, but it also minimizes the possibility of trailer sway. As a result, the model promotes excellent performing safety, which guarantees a secure towing experience.

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Increased Load Durability

Load durability is the most important aspect of any trailer. Without it, they would not be able to perform their daily tasks. Therefore, the Suntek HD Trail + was designed to safely handle heavier loads throughout its lifetime.

This ST tire features a reinforced radial, all steel structure which keeps the optimal tire shape under the load pressure. As the tire does not deform, it is able to greatly improve the load carrying and withstanding ability. This significantly upgrades the tire’s overall heavy-duty application, as it handles loads well without sacrificing its controllability in the process.


  • Improved load capacity
  • All season traction
  • Upgraded controllability


  • Only two sizes available

Product Information

When it comes to the Suntek HD Trail+, unfortunately there is not much to know. This model is available in only two ST sizes: 235/80R16 and 235/85R16.

Both sizes come with an M speed rating, meaning the tire can handle speeds up to 81 mph, which is relatively normal for trailer tires.

On the other hand, they come with a 129/125 and 132/127 load index, and 14 ply G load range. These ensure the tire’s load durability – when two or four tires are mounted on the trailer.

The available sizes and their load and speed durability ensure the tire’s secure performance. This guarantees the tire’s better handling, load capacity, and year round traction.

Is the Suntek HD Trail + the Right Tire for You?

Sometimes it is hard to decide if a tire model is for your needs or not. It is no different with trailer tires.

Due to the tire market being oversaturated, we will often come across tires we regret buying. But, is that the same for the Suntek HD Trail + as well?

Well, if you are one of the lucky few who need the tire sizes this model comes in, you will not regret your purchase.

While the model is only available in 2 sizes, Suntek has made sure that they provide the best performing capabilities for heavy-duty trailers. From their traction to their load capacity, the Suntek HD Trail + tires will make sure your trailer runs as smoothly as possible. 

Suntek HD Trail +

Suntek/Trailer Tires

HD Trail +

  • All weather traction
  • Enhanced controllability
  • Upgraded load durability


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