Premiorri Solazo Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Mar 28th 2022

Premiorri Solazo Tire Review

Premiorri Solazo Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Mar 28th 2022

During hot summers, you need a tire that ensures reliable traction, a short braking distance, and strong lateral grip. Of course, finding tires that both suit your wallet and get the job done can be challenging.

After all, the tire market offers a huge number of performance models for sale. To buy a really good tire set in its category, you would need to take a look at dozens and evaluate the reviews, features, and prices. That’s actually what we do at Priority Tire. This way we can suggest some excellent tires for you!

This time, we are looking at an affordable summer model with a particularly strong tread. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a decent performance tire for the summer, and want to save some money in the process.

Let us introduce you to the Premiorri Solazo! Without further ado, let’s see what this tire has to offer for your sports car.

Quick Review:

  • Season: Summer
  • Type: Performance
  • Car Type: Passenger Cars
  • Run Flat: NO
  • In Stock: Yes

Premiorri Solazo

  • Summer weather traction
  • Enhanced controllability
  • High speed performance


Experience the Premiorri Solazo

The Premiorri Solazo is one of those gems you can occasionally find in its price category. It’s a performance model, which means that it can maintain reliable handling at high speeds. You can test the limits of your car without having to worry about its controllability.

The sturdy compound, the reinforced structure, and the well-designed directional tread boost the tire’s high-speed performance. Its tread design deals with heat build-up, while keeping traction consistent by utilizing its biting edges.

But, when it comes to the true potential of the Premiorri Solazo, there is a lot more to it. Let’s see what we have here exactly!

Outstanding High-Speed Maneuverability

During the design process, the engineers have put particular emphasis on enhancing the tire’s controllability at high speeds. The result is a detailed, directional tread pattern with that continuous rib right in the middle of the tread.

That is the part which helps the tire maintain its road contact. As a result, you can count on quick and precise steering responses while driving your car near top speed. Most importantly, the tire keeps its structural stability by utilizing the flat, directional tread pattern. Driving stability is one less thing to worry about when you use this model.

The combination of the heat-resistant compound and the directional tread design comes with a huge benefit. These ease some driving pressure off the tread, guaranteeing outstanding performance even at high speeds. Add the strong structure, and what you get is a fully prepared tire, perfect for long-term moderate to high-speed use.

Enhanced Cornering and Braking Ability

As a performance tire, the Premiorri Solazo also has to pass the real test. It has to demonstrate some real maneuvering skills, otherwise we wouldn’t recommend it to you despite its price. The siping on the center and shoulder ribs is optimized for better cornering and road contact.

In fact, the tire’s shoulders are specially designed with strong grip in mind. This is especially important during sharp cornering. During cornering, the tread has to hold its grip, while counteracting the forces affecting the shoulder tread area. This is also why the tread has to be completely flat and stabilized against the asphalt.

When braking, the rubber blend and the detailed tread to bring your car to a halt right away. The friction the Premiorri Solazo can generate throughout its performance is very impressive. Due to its siping and notch placement, the tire gives you full control over your vehicle.

Learn more about how tire siping affects your driving experience in our blog post on the topic!

Summer Weather Traction and Performance

The Premiorri Solazo is fully prepared for some summertime action! It ended up with a bit harder rubber compound than the usual, although the tire performs well in most summer weather conditions.

You can absolutely count on its gripping ability during those steaming hot summer days. On wet roads, you need to be a bit careful with it though. Stepping too much on the gas pedal might result in unexpected little side slips. The circumferential grooves work together with the angled notches to channel the water away from the footprint.

The grooves are wide enough to keep a moderate amount of water at bay before channeling out on the tread shoulders. However, at high speeds, it can’t always keep up. This is why, in case you opt for this model, we recommend you to drive at moderate speeds in rainy conditions.

The Premiorri Solazo’s dry weather grip is much better. Its tread is optimized, so you don’t need to worry about heat build-up during an intense driving trip. This model can establish a strong, consistent grip with the road surface, generating friction and keeping the heat low at the same time.


- Summer-optimized rubber compound

- Maximum road contact for high-speed handling

- Reliable traction for safe cornering and braking


- Wet handling is a bit off at high speeds

- Higher than average rolling resistance

Product Information

The Premiorri Solazo is a performance model that can be installed on passenger cars. The rim sizes for this tire vary from 13 to 17 inches, making it suitable for a range of different vehicles. There are plenty of variable characteristics when it comes to each size, allowing you to find the one you need for your own car.

The tire’s speed ratings vary between H and V. This letter is basically the high speed pressure tolerance of the tire. An H speed rating means you can drive the vehicle with a maximum speed of 130 mph. Sizes with the V speed rating allow for a higher maximum speed, of 149 mph.

The load index for this model ranges from 81 to 95. This determines the amount of weight your tires can withstand without deforming. You can easily figure out the minimum tire load index your car needs by taking a look at the vehicle’s manual or on the label located on the driver’s side door. A load index of 81 stands for 1019 pounds in carrying capacity, while the 95 stands for 1521 lbs.

The Premiorri Solazo features a rubber blend that is specially mixed to adapt to hot summers. The directional tread is densely siped for better grip in wet and dry weather conditions. Count in its maneuvering ability, and what you get is a summer tire that can bring some driving enjoyment during warmer months.

Is the Premiorri Solazo Tire the Right Tire for You?

With the Premiorri Solazo, you are going to get immense value for a low price. This model comes with well-balanced characteristics, which we sort of didn’t expect from this price category.

It has all the most important features that a typical performance tire comes with. It is available in a wide size range, making this model suitable for most passenger cars out there. Now, don’t get us wrong, this tire definitely can’t compete with top tire brands. However, it is one of the best ones you can get for the price!

Among all the characteristics, the Premiorri Solazo only falls short in high-speed wet traction and eco-friendliness. Although it won’t drain your wallet with its fuel consumption, this tire is average at most in that regard. 

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