Fullway PC368 Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Apr 18th 2022

Fullway PC368 Tire Review

Fullway PC368 Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Apr 18th 2022

If you are looking for a tire that provides a bit of comfort, while ensuring high-speed performance, then look no further. After evaluating our most sought-after tires in the category, we have found an absolute gem in our repertoire.

The Fullway PC368 is a model that comes with a range of benefits that might interest you. First off, it is one of those affordable models that offer insane value for the price. It hits the perfect balance between controllability, comfort, and high-speed performance.

Its special all-season compound adapts to the varying weather conditions, ensuring a strong grip throughout the year. Such tires are hard to find in the market, as there are so many other touring and performance tires available that promise a lot.

There is no need to get lost in all those promises, as we already did the cherry-picking part. We are about to share with you some in-depth knowledge about the tire of our choice. Here on Priority Tire, you can read reviews on tires that give you the most value for your money.

Without further ado, let’s see what the Fullway PC368 has to offer!

Quick Review

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Performance and Touring
  • Car Type: Passenger Cars
  • Run Flat: NO
  • In Stock: Yes

  • Fullway PC368

    • All weather traction
    • Enhanced controllability
    • High speed performance


Experience the Fullway PC368

The Fullway PC368 is kind of an in-between model when it comes to performance categories. While some sizes fall in the passenger category, others are rather on the touring side. Nevertheless, this model excels in a range of attributes that characterize both categories.

Besides offering handling and comfort, it also guarantees outstanding high-speed durability and heat-resistance. With the four grooves, it is designed with self-cleaning in mind. The adaptive rubber compound and the detailed tread ensure a consistent grip throughout the year.

The Fullway PC368 promotes many of the capabilities that you expect from all season models in general!

Although comfort is not its strongest suit, the tire is still decent at reducing road noises. The model has a structure that enables it to deal with the forces of braking, cornering, and acceleration. Meanwhile, the risk of irregularities forming on the tread is rather slim.

Specially Designed for All Weather Traction

You can count on the Fullway PC368’s ability to firmly grip the road surface in dry, wet, and winter weather conditions. Its symmetric tread design with the five ribs guarantees consistent surface contact. That dense siping not only looks cool but it also ensures an excellent performance on harsh rainy days.

If you want to learn more about tire siping, go ahead and check out our other post here on Priority Tire!

The abundance of biting edges and the rubber blend do most of the work when it comes to all weather traction. The compound adapts to a wide range of temperatures, maintaining its flexibility to prevent slipping and shaking.

The four circumferential grooves and numerous lateral ones between the shoulder blocks work together to prevent hydroplaning. There is no need to worry about wet or snow-covered roads obstructing your tire’s surface contact. The grooves eliminate all those elements from the footprint.

Excellent Maneuverability All Year

The Fullway PC368 guarantees that you have full control over your vehicle all the time. The long shoulder blocks, with the siping on top, do an outstanding job during cornering. The footprint disperses the forces of acceleration, steering, and braking.

The flat footprint plays a huge role in this, as it evenly distributes the load and driving pressure across the tread. What you get is a completely reliable tire when it comes to driving stability. It ensures quick and precise steering responses as you command your vehicle.

The symmetric five-rib pattern enhances surface contact and secures the tire’s structure against the driving pressure affecting it. The Fullway PC368 is all about controllability, as it is the most important factor for your driving safety.

Sturdy Structure for High Speed Performance

The Fullway PC368 is ready for some extended high-speed runs. Its tread is designed to withstand the accumulated heat and driving pressure awaiting it as you step on the gas pedal. This tire allows you to drive with confidence without risking its tread.

With this compound and the detailed tread elements, heat build-up is not going to be an issue. It also has a strong internal structure that maintains the tire’s shape even when being affected by huge pressure. Meanwhile, the all season compound prevents heat accumulation, which would lead to excessive tread wear.

What goes into the construction of a typical passenger car tire? Learn more about tire structure on Priority Tire.

Despite being a rather cheap model, the Fullway PC368 checks all the boxes needed for a true performance model. Of course, it has its own flaws that include increased fuel consumption and a bit of shakiness when driven at high speeds in harsh weather conditions.

Although it is firmly gripping the asphalt, this model is not going to save you much fuel in the long run. You also need to be a bit careful when stepping on the gas pedal on snowy or dripping wet rainy days.


- Good grip during cornering

- Superb all season traction

- Quiet driving experience

- Great high speed durability


- Shaky high speed handling in harsh weather

- Firm grip increases fuel intake

Product Information

The Fullway PC368 is a tire designed for trucks and SUVs. This model is currently available in rim sizes of 13, 14, 15, and 16 inches. This means that it can be a good fit for quite a few common passenger car models.

The model comes in speed ratings H, T, and V, which puts it somewhere between the touring and performance category. While the T rather characterizes touring tires, models with H and V speed ratings are borderline performance tires.

The speed rating simply indicates the maximum speed the tire can still endure. The higher the speed, the higher the driving pressure. It depends on the tire’s structure, compound, and tread design how much pressure it can really withstand.

With a T rated tire, you can drive your car at a 118 mph (190 kmh) max speed without any risk. A H speed rating indicates a 130 mph (210 kmh) speed limit, whereas a V has a 149 mph (240 kmh) limit.

These are all safe limits, meaning that you can usually go a bit faster without risking your tire. However, we would not recommend you to test your tire’s limits too much. It really depends on the manufacturer how each model handles high speeds.

In terms of load capacity, the Fullway PC368 ranges between 79 and 98. This means that the model can withstand 963 to 1653 lbs (436 to 749 kgs) depending on which size you choose. Multiply it by 4 and you ensure a more than decent load carrying capacity for your vehicle.

Is the Fullway PC368 the Right Tire for You?

The Fullway PC368 has outstanding attributes for a tire that really does not go hard on your wallet. It is a low-budget tire that is designed to excel in mixed weather conditions, all year.

The synergy between the rubber compound and the tread design tells a lot. Fullway had its focus on engineering a tire that ensures both reliable all season traction and maneuverability. It has a firm grip on the asphalt whether it is hot or cold outside.

This model is fully prepared for snow-covered roads and steaming hot asphalt surfaces. Meanwhile, the detailed and heat-resistant tread guarantees that the control is always in your hands.

Now, an issue worth mentioning is that the Fullway PC368 becomes a bit shaky in certain road conditions. When driven on wet or snow-covered roads at high speeds, it can be noticeably harder to control. For your own safety, we would not recommend experimenting too much with the tire’s speed limits in harsh weather conditions. 

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