Copartner CP182 All Steel Trailer Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Sep 12th 2022

Copartner CP182 All Steel Trailer Tire Review

Copartner CP182 All Steel Trailer Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Sep 12th 2022

Finding the perfect trailer axle tire for all seasons can be tricky. The tire market is oversaturated with various brands and models, making our job harder. When looking for new commercial tires for your truck, it is important to know what are good all season tires and which models perform well on different axles.

At Priority Tire, we sell various commercial tires for all axle applications. But today, we will talk about trailer axle tire models, specifically the Copartner CP182 All Season trailer axle tire.

Cheap trailer tires should not be hard to come by. In their nature, due to their size and production cost, commercial tires are expensive. However, selecting budget-friendly brands, like Copartner Tires, takes the pressure off your shoulders.

Quick Review:

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Highway Terrain
  • Car Type: Commercial, Trailer axle
  • Run Flat: NO

Copartner CP182 All Steel Trailer Tire

  • All season traction
  • Improved durability
  • Upgraded tread life


Experience the Copartner CP182 All Steel

When talking about the Copartner CP182 All Steel, it is crucial to mention all features it offers. The tire enables its performance and driving safety levels.

Selecting the best trailer tires should not be hard. Consumers need to look at the characteristics the trailer tires offer, and make a decision based on their needs. So, what exactly do Copartner tires offer?

Exceptional Year-Round Traction

Most highway trailer tires have exceptional all season traction as well. The CP182 All Steel is one such tire. This highway tire combines its all season compound and ribbed tread design to promote dry, wet, and winter grip.

All season tire compounds keep the tire pliable throughout the year. Stronger rubber materials prevent heat build-up across the tread area, while also keeping the tire pliable in versatile temperatures. Summer and winter weather traction and durability guarantee the model's excellent performance.

Additionally, the symmetric ribbed tread design generates biting edges the tire will use to grip the road surface. The zigzag groove and optimal sipe placements firmly grip the road, optimizing the tire's secure performance in dry, wet, and even light snow conditions.

Hydroplaning is a dangerous driving hazard tires face. This is also for larger commercial tires since their loss of traction will also lead to accidents. Therefore, hydroplaning resistance is an important feature the tires need to offer. Circumferential grooves channel water and slush from the footprint, actively preventing hydroplaning in wet weather conditions.

No matter if you are looking for expensive or cheap all season tires, the tires you get have to offer a secure year-round performance.

Reinforced Performance

As its name states, the Copartner CP182 All Steel features an all steel internal construction. The reinforced internal structure maintains its ideal tire shape under load and driving pressure of trailer tires.

When you are looking for trailer tires for sale, their structural durability is one of the most important aspects. Highway tires feature stronger constructions to enhance their load capacity. Therefore, this Copartner tire's all steel construction enables its safer performance.

Commercial truck from the back

The steel belt structure of these trailer tires maintains their ideal shape at all times. They are able to withstand the pressure affecting their structure throughout the performance. As the construction does not deform under load and driving pressure, it is able to securely carry larger loads.

The difference between truck and car trailer tires is that commercial models need to handle heavy-duty applications. By their nature, commercial trailer axle tires safely perform at their utmost load durability.

Furthermore, since the tire does not deform under load and driving pressure, it also ensures consistent surface contact. The ribbed footprint and the structure upgrade its steering responsiveness and driving stability. This makes sure the towing vehicle has better control over the trailer at all times.

Lengthened Tread Life

Wear-resistant compound elements and a symmetric ribbed tread design boost usability. This combination enables the tire to effectively upgrade this trailer tire's longevity.

But, how is this achieved?

The Copartner CP182 All Steel is molded into a ribbed tread design using durable rubber materials. This enhances tread stability, optimizing the tread wear rate and manner.

Footprint stability manages to evenly circulate driving pressure across the tread area, avoiding irregular wear. This footprint effectively prevents tread flexing, preventing pressure accumulation along the tread area. Effectively, this model prevents uneven wear, lengthening its service life.

On the other hand, the compound is manufactured using a wear-resistant rubber blend. This combats premature wear as well since its wear-resistance decreases the overall wear rate. Slow and even wear significantly increases the tire's tread life length.

The wavy grooves feature knobs that eject rocks stuck between the tread elements. They eliminate rocks before they can drill into the tread area and harm the casing. This combination prevents stone retention as a result.


  • Superb all season traction
  • Heavy-duty controllability
  • Optimized tread wear rate


  • Limited size offers

Product Information

While the Copartner CP182 All Steel is an excellent trailer axle tire, unfortunately, it is not available in many sizes. This model is manufactured in 235/80R16 and 225/75R15 sizes, which are made for the trailer axle of commercial vehicles.

Commercial truck

On the other hand, these two sizes of trailer tire are manufactured in different load ranges. The 15-inch tire offers a 12-ply, load range F construction, while the 16-inch model is made with a 14-ply, load range G structure. These Copartner tires are perfect for commercial trucks, as they provide better load durability.

The model is manufactured with different speed ratings as well. It is made with L and M speed ratings, which enable the tires' 75 mph and 81 mph performance.

An all steel construction enables the tire's durability. This structure is able to effectively boost its overall load durability and controllability, while the tread design provides the necessary traction throughout the year.

Is the Copartner CP182 All Steel the Right Tire for You?

Needless to say, this tire is for commercial truck owners as it is manufactured for trailer axle applications. This is important to note since the tire cannot be used on any other axles.

However, when talking about the Copartner CP182 All Steel, we would recommend this tire for drivers looking for good durability. The construction does not deform under load and driving pressure, ensuring its exceptional performance.

Apart from its better driving durability, the tire also offers excellent all season traction, handling, and even a lengthened tread life. Therefore, if you are looking for these qualities in a commercial tire, this trailer axle tire will work for you.

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