5 Things You Need to Know About the Atturo ST200

Posted by Priority Tire on Jul 18th 2022

5 Things You Need to Know About the Atturo ST200

5 Things You Need to Know About the Atturo ST200

Posted by Priority Tire on Jul 18th 2022

If you have been searching for a dependable, durable, and heavy-duty Trailer Tire that can haul the heaviest of loads, look no further than Atturo Tire’s Line of ST200 Trailer Tires.

Since first opening shop back in 2009, Atturo Tires has built up a full range of tires for today’s trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and Muscle Cars. They incorporate everything from solid-performing road tires to rugged, capable mud-terrains ready to tackle any obstacle. In addition to making remarkable tires for your off-road and tow-rigs, Atturo understands that your trailer needs support too. In popular sizes for 12in wheels, up to 16in wheels, there is an ST200 tire for your trailer! 

Here are five ways the Atturo ST200 delivers exceptional performance underneath your Trailer.

1. The Atturo Pedigree

Atturo ST200

  • Upgraded load carrying ability
  • Excellent towing stability
  • Hydroplaning resistance


Atturo Tires first began manufacturing replacement tires for a full range of crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks back in 2009. Building its business by providing premium quality tires that combine the benefits of a quiet, compliant ride and on-road performance with off-road capabilities for any terrain. Atturo quickly realized that in addition to trucks, and off-road toys, consumers used trailers often to get these toys to and from their adventure, as well as haul heavy loads on the job site. Seeing this Atturo discovered that consumers demanded RV Trailer Tires just as capable as the rest of the Tires in their fleet, and thus the ST200 line was born.

2. Reliability where you need it most

White trailer being towed

Atturo realizes that no one wants to have their workday or adventure travel interrupted by a fear-inducing trailer tire blowout! That is why Atturo put the same time, energy, and focus that they put into developing their Trail Blade and AZ lines into the ST200 series of tires. Atturo Tires knows that having a trailer tire that you can count on is crucial to your safety, productivity, and most importantly, FUN! In fact, Atturo practices what they preach, and rolls around on their Trailer Tires on their display trailer they take to trade shows across the continental U.S.

3. Steel Belted Options for Additional Strength and Longevity

Trailer tires mounted on a trailer

The Atturo ST200 line of tires is actually three different tires, the ST200, the ST240, and the ST260. The ST240 and ST260 were later evolutions and additions to the popular ST200. So, what makes these two tires different from the standard ST200? Well, we are glad you asked! Capacity, Load Carrying Capacity that is! The ST240 and ST260 tires feature full steel-belted construction which gives them both 14 Ply Rated Construction, meaning these tires are ready and willing to carry the heaviest of loads. So, if you have a 2 or 3-axle trailer you put to work on the regular, be sure to take a closer look at the ST240 or ST260!

4. Uniquely Functional Design

White trailer

While Atturo understands next to no one is buying RV trailer tires for their stylish looks, that does not mean they did not put focus into the design from a functionality perspective. Atturo wants to ensure that they produce a tire that performs to the level consumers have expected from the Atturo Lineup, and the ST200 is no exception. A solid center rib provides excellent ‘tracking’ on highways and helps keep your trailer centered behind your truck. A 4-channel design with the addition of siping throughout the tread blocks provides excellent traction and stability in any weather conditions. Overall, the ST200 will get your equipment to and from where it needs to go with ease and without any drama.

5. It redefines value in a crowded segment

Trailer being towed

The Trailer Tire market is a crowded one, and Atturo Tires understands that, and that is why they spent the time to make sure you are getting a safe, reliable tire that has the same value proposition you have come to expect from the rest of their lineup. If you are looking for the best Trailer Tires to get you to your next Off-Road Adventure in Moab, your next Alaskan fishing excursion, or the next inner-city work site, the Atturo ST200 is ready and waiting for you!

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